My opinions don’t matter b/c of Autism.

I feel like a second class citizen. People either don’t listen to me or discount what I am saying because I am disabled, and people are surprised when I know more than most people. I don’t think my lack of a degree has anything to do with my work ethic. It’s hard to get accommodations for disability from a college. Especially when you have trouble communicating. Getting a job where I could be comfortable seems impossible.

I have a decade of experience in retail, food service, and office work.  I have so much experience in these fields, but no degree. Do I need one the be legitimate in this country. Underemployment and lack of employment are a huge problem for Autistics. And I refuse to go on disability.
I can learn things quickly and efficiently. My brain stores information like a hard drive. So even without my degree I probably know more then “you” do on a multitude of topics.  From cats to the human brain. Give me a topic and I can converse about it.

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