Things that have been said to me that no autistic child should hear.

-“Stop rubbing your face.” 

It’s a stim.

-“Why can’t you be more like your NT sibling?”

Because, Autism. I’m me not her.

-“If you can’t behave we are going to send you away.”
Please don’t… I love you.
-“Why can’t you be normal?”
Because, Autism.
-“How many times do I have to tell you?”
Several because I am in my own little world. I’m not a bad kid.
-“Look me in the eye when you talk to me.”
It causes me distress.
-“What’s wrong with you?”
Nothing, I’m just different.
-“Why can’t you stop talking?”
Because I am really happy.
-“How can you expect the keep a man when all you talk about is rabbits?”
Now that’s just rude!
-“Why do you have to be so weird?”
Again, I’m different and I embrace that. 
-“No one will ever love you because you are so difficult.” Or ” You are so hard to love.”

No Excuse for Murder. Autistic children have rights too.

Debating the guilt of a parent who killed their Autistic kid…. There is no need to debate about parents being pushed to the edge by their children. You killed your kid, murder has no excuse.  I don’t care if they were nonverbal or physically violent. You gave birth to your child, and they deserve love and understanding. A parent is never pushed to the edge, that is not a reason to kill. Neither is thinking your child won’t live a full life.  The life they have is good enough, it’s your job to make the best of it. Don’t have a child if you can’t deal with the possibility of Autism.