Immature Responses to Comments Some People Make.

You tried bleach enemas? I want to punch you in the face.
Oh, your niece has autism? You must be an expert. Teach me all about it. *walk away giving her the bird.*
“She’s too pretty to be Autistic?” You’re too dumb to live.
Vaccines? STFU.
Am I like Rain Man? No, do you represent all of People with Neurotypicality.
Person suffering from Autism? Not at all, I love my kind of crazy! You suffer from ignorant.
“You have to say “person” with Autism. Calling people Autistic is as bad as racial slurs.” 

You can’t tell me how to identify myself. Person first yourself!
No empathy? Empathize this!
Your child will never be normal? Why are you so freaking narrow minded. Adjust you perceptions of normal.