So Much Hate, Where is the Love?

I have seen some of the ugliest hate towards Autistics.  I’m not talking about misunderstandings or ignorance. I am talking about people who really mean us harm.  I made the mistake of googling negative opinions of Autism. I truly had not idea what I was getting into.  I really had no idea how deep hate could run.

I ended up on a forum for a “baptist”church. Of course they weren’t really Christian.  When you think Autism should be beaten out of kids, you have a major problem.  These people think that we are Autistic because God hates us. They think we have no place on this planet and we should be “euthanized.”
Here is a quote from some idiot who doesn’t deserve to be names,
“Aspics don’t have empathy, love, social skills, sympathy, emotions, religion, etc., as you so adequately display in every single one of your posts. You can’t raise a child with any of those missing. An asperger-tard can’t interact with other humans, only with computers, so they can never hold a job for more than a week or two, that’s no way to support a family. An assburger only acts out of selfishness, they are incapable of considering the feelings of others, an asspy wanting children wants them purely for selfish reasons but does not consider that the child will never be able to grow up to be a functioning adult, because the asspy can’t teach language, social, religious or emotional skills, nor even love a child. I say that’s enough reason to ban aspies from having children.”

Considering this man is about as intelligent as a rock, minus the moss that covers it, it still shows people’s attitudes in the extreme.  I honestly cannot even bring myself to be angry. I pity him.  I am sad that his heart can carry such animosity. I cry knowing the he has reproduced. Honestly, they are no better that Hitler. I know dozens of people who could prove him wrong.

I continued on to read about children and adults who have been murdered by their families.  There really is no reason to kill your kid. A mother stabbed her son to death, a father drowned his daughter and a boy was set on fire at a high school party.  You hear about these incidents on the news and on talk shows. They question the motives of the guilty party, they talk about valid reasons mom snapped. Was the mom pushed to the edge or was the kid possessed? It doesn’t matter. Murder is murder. If you are at your wits end get help.  Go to the hospital or call the police and tell them you’re afraid of hurting your child. Social services will take them. I’m not saying this is an ideal situation but it’s better than death.
The punishment for these killers leaves much to be desired. They get off with manslaughter or a few years in prison. Starving your child get you 32 months for second degree manslaughter.  Judges making “mercy recommendations.”  How these people get any mercy is beyond me. They sure didn’t show any.
I am at my wits end. I do not know how to educate these people or if it is possible.  The best thing we can do is ignore them.  People like this are seriously sick psychopaths.  We need a cure for them. Not Autism.