You might be Aspergers if…

You might be Aspergers if…

You get excited about noise canceling ear plugs.
When you watch Bob Ross and can’t understand why the bush is so happy.
When you attend princess weddings and don’t understand why the bride wants so much attention.
When you can give and answer in one word, but people expect more.
When you communicate with Autistic people in a direct way and nobody gets their feelings hurt. And can also pick up the same conversation a week later without confusion.
Textbooks are exciting. And you’d rather stay at home to study than going to a club.
You sort things for fun.
You understand that words don’t come from people’s eyes. Why look there?
When you get excited about having a week with nothing scheduled and you happily spend it alone watching Sci-fi.

They said, what?

I was in a room of student teachers the other day after work. They were talking about a student who cries everyday. She said she didn’t know what was wrong with him. “He must have a touch of Aspergers,” she said. And everyone in the room burst out laughing. I sat there feeling angry and ashamed that I didn’t say anything. I wanted to tell them that they had hurt my feelings, but I couldn’t speak up.  Now, I just imagine what I could have said to shock them into shutting up. Am I a joke?


Twizzler Challenge

“If I am what I have, and if I lose what I have, who then am I?”

German Psychologist Erich Fromm

They’ve done it again. They’ve managed to find a way to raise money for Autism that isn’t educational in any way.  They’ve undermined the purpose of awareness.  This new trend requires twizzlers.  It is done “Lady and the Tramp” style. Two people on the opposite ends eat until they kiss. That seems counter intuitive to us Autistics.

How people think this will educate the public is beyond me. I feel like it is just a stupid prank people pull for attention. NT’s don’t seem too concerned with Autism education. 

I struggle every days with my Autism. I find it quite offensive that people think this is okay. Do we need to be fixed?  I think that if you destroy the Autism in a person you destroy what is so ingrained and unique about them. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.  My life experiences, my talents, and my essence include the Autistic experience.  This is how I know the world. I interpret differently than others and I feel like it makes me an awesome person.

This just makes me uncomfortable.

A short post. It could be better but I’m about to sleep.