Words of Wisdom. Things I have learned through a life with Autism.

One must take the idea of what their life should be, rip it up, and live what their life really is. You do not live your life for the opinion of others. Do what feels right. That’s is healing. 

We are allowed to mess up, it’s human, you must realize that every human makes decisions they are not proud of, and people that are good for us will forgive and understand.

We can only control ourselves and sometimes when we try to control others, we lose what we love.

Don’t let someone else dictate your normal.

I feel that the best things you can do are, live from moment to moment, be ok with your feeling because they’re natural, just let yourself feel, remember you’re not alone, and tomorrow is a new day. The sun always rises.

Life is a state of impermanence, death is not. Enjoy life the best you know how.

  Tickle people when you can.

Grief.  Missing John.

I have a bad habit of boxing my grief and sending it to the back of my brain.  I find this is easier at first than to let myself grieve. But, it always catches up with me and I fall into waves of depression. It’s not constant but is washes over me leaving me drowning in a lake of sadness. I don’t know it I can handle not seeing my friend again. I have so many fond memories of the past decade. 

 I worked with John. He was an odd one like myself.  He had intense interests. He loved collecting coins and stamps.  He was obsessed with butterflies. Each butterfly is a prayer. He even got me into Pokemon. But, the best thing about John is that he was unapologetically himself.  He had his own attitude and ways of doing things And everybody loves him for it.

I met him at work and work and we sold beads together. Tri-annually we would Go to shows and represent our stope. These are my fondest memories of all my experiences. We always had fun at these shows. He knew most of the other sellers and they loved him and his unconventional ways of going about life.

He was a strong man who loved his family. He worked with his sister and mother. He also had three children, 2 sons and a daughter. He got to see all three find love and happiness. He was proud of his grandchildren.   They will miss him. I hope people will share wonderful stories with them so they may know how amazing of a man he was.

I know that I will always think of him and I will miss his jokes. I wish him peace in the beyond and I know he knows how was loved. Goodbye old friend, be at peace!